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Become Vantrue Installer

Vantrue is recruiting brand installer from all over the world.

If you own a car accessories store, auto repair shop or car shop, have interest in selling dash cam, but haven’t decided which brand goes first.

Then you have a chance to get a free Vantrue dash cam sample for trying.

What you need to do is to offer the following info:
1. Business license
2. One photo of the shop
3. Shop's address

Feel free to send above info to with the subject line: Vantrue Sample for Distributor
We will get back to you asap.

Car shop

Vantrue daschcam can be adapted to the Sedan, Coupe, SUV, Crossover, Wagon/Hatchback, Green car/Hybrid, Convertible, Sports car, Pickup truck, Minivan/Van, MPV of major car brands.

Image by taichi nakamura

Auto Repair shop

Some of our Dashcams need to be install, let us serve customers together.At the same time we will recommend our customers for your repair shop.

Image by Kate Ibragimova

Auto parts shop

Our goal is to have our dash cam in 90% of the world's auto parts stores, welcome to join Vantrue; Together to provide better products for the car safety.

Image by Mike Petrucci
Image by C Joyful


Dash cam use brings multiple benefits, from instant footage in the case of an accident, speeding up insurance claims, lowering insurance premiums, saving time and saving money.

Vantrue dash cams record and store crystal clear HD footage of every journey. And we don’t just protect drivers on the move – Intelligent Park Mode on our dash cams can be used to ensure any bumps and scrapes which happen while vehicles are empty are still registered and recorded.

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