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Driving on the same road every day, are you happen to something special?

See, a mother bear is taking her naughty child across the road~

A girl is attacked by a sheep. Fortunately, the little girl was not injured.

While driving, a car suddenly changed its lane and hit another car, which caused the car to be scratched. 

A man found that the valuables in the car had been stolen. Checking the dash cam, it was a thief who broken the car.

What special have you recorded today?

Share with us and get a chance to win.


The prize
will include

  • 32GB Vantrue SD card

  • GPS mount

  • Phone Charger Mount

  • Hardwire Kit/ OBD hardwire Kit


We may
use your video

on Vantrue official website,
Social media and

Vantrue (1).jpg

How to participate?

1. Upload your video on YouTube or drive;  
Examples: YouTube, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, WeTransfer, SendSpace

2. Fill the form below.

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