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Uber Discount

Special offer for Ridershare


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Advocating global energy conservation and emission reduction, promoting low-carbon public utilities, and supporting the development of the rideshare industry,

VANTRUE provides a permanent discount code to rideshare drivers. As long as you upload a screenshot of registration license from Rideshare platform like Uber,Lyft,Didi,Taxi on our website.

Driving Service

We will provide you a 20%-25% off code as well as an extended warranty period (Totally 3 years).

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N2P - $124.99 (26% OFF)

N2S - $174.99 (20% OFF) 

N4 - $209.99 (20% OFF)   

Official store

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How to participate?

1. Upload a screenshot of your uber profile. 
2. Fill the form below.
3. Or you can consult our customer service through online Chat get Uber code.

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