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Element  Series Design point

As the innovative leader of Dashcam, Element Series R&D and design around recording beautiful driving moments and taking pictures quickly

vantrue ELEMENT1 (3).jpg
vantrue ELEMENT1 (2).jpg
vantrue ELEMENT1 (1).jpg
Vantrue e1 (5).png
Vantrue e1 (10).png
Vantrue e1 (4).png

Let's Talk About E3 Design

Element 3
01 Dec 2021 

Set up the project

Vantrue Element 3 (13).jpg

How to capture beauty while driving ?

Vantrue Element (7).jpg

Smart Voice Controlled Front & Rear Dashcam
With Low Light Night Vision Parking Mode

Choose the smallest size among many design sketches

vantrue e1 (4).jpg
vantrue e1 (3).jpg
vantrue e1 (5).jpg
vantrue e1 (5).jpg
vantrue e1 (8).jpg

Speech Capture

Create the smallest square dashcam in the universe

vantrue element3 E3 (1).png


Ultra-sensitivity Mic detection

capture beautiful moments

Sound Waves


Take photo


Video Start


Turn on audio


Turn on WiFi 





vantrue E3 (1).jpg
vantrue element1 (10).png
Vantrue Element 3 (2).jpg
vantrue element3 (9).png

Built-in super sensitive Microphone

vantrue element3 (3).png
vantrue element3 (4).png

The cabin is equipped with an infrared light-sensing lens, which can still restore the recorded content at night

Light pollution not only hurts the eyes, but also affects the Video quality


Vantrue CPL

About CPL & Magentic Type

About Auto
spontaneous combustion

Lithium battery VS Super-capacitor 

Image by Brett Jordan
vantrue E3 (6).png

Non-lithium battery Design

vantrue E3 (9).png

Double Super-capacitor

Double supercapacitor design to replace lithium battery

Gold plating of
Magnet connector

Gold has the best electrical conductivity of all materials

vantrue element3 (1).png

Double DSP  Resolution

Dual-Satellite Positioning System

Father and Son Using GPS
Vantrue ELEMENT 3 (2)_edited.jpg

2.5D display screen

Ultra-high transmittance glass frame adopts 2.5D design

vantrue element3 (2).png

​Extremely simple button operation

Because of the built-in voice control


Suitable for all brands of car models

We tested all models and they are fully compatible

Image by Evgeny Tchebotarev
Vantrue Element 3 (10).jpg

The Leader in
Dash cam Creation

01 May 2022

Set up the project

Aug 2022

  • Industry Design

  • Mechanical Design

  • Function Design

  • Market Research

  • Trial-produce 200PCS

  • Trials Testing (1)

  • Product hardware debugging

  • GPS Test

  • LCD Modify

  • CPL Optical Testing

  • Wifi Debug

  • Speech Control Test

  • Software Debug

  • Corrected parameter

  • Corrected MD/ID

Sep 2022

  • Trial-produce 300PCS

  • Trials Testing (2)

  • Match colors

  • Static Test

  • Salt Spray Test

  • Functional test

  • Signal Test

  • Heat-resistant Test

  • Low temperature Test 

  • Drop Test

  • Aging Test

  • Installation test

  • Cockpit Test

  • Purchase material

  • Produce a product


Oct.31 2022

Free 128GB memory card and Vantrue CPL

Nov.10 2022

Free 128GB memory card

Dec.10 2022

America warehouse

Ship to customers

Germany warehouse

Ship to customers

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