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Vantrue Dash cam

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Me & My Vantrue

Submit Your Video & Win the Prizes

Driving Lesson

Caught on Vantrue

Dash cam can be your extra eyes of driving events, offering useful footage. It can also be your companion on road trips, which will help you record beautiful scenes.
But for the dash cam community, your dash cam footage can be a traffic safety reminder worldwide and provide valuable data to those organizations studying traffic accidents and traffic safety. So Vantrue is holding a program about "Me & My Vantrue" to collect footage you capture by Vantrue dash cam.

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Me & My Vantrue

Submit Your Video & Win the Prizes

About this Event

Have you ever captured interesting event with your dash cam?

We would love to check it out!

Submit your footage or image captured by Vantrue dash cam and you'll get a chance to earn a coupon, maybe $25, $50 or up to $100. In the video, any thought or content with any language is welcomed.

If your footage is selected, you'll win an entry for the coupon, $25, $50, $100, which is for your future purchase in Vantrue official store. The quality of footage you submit determine which coupon you'll get. So please submit quality footage and earn yourself a coupon worth $100!

Footage Requirements
Anything from ordinary to the extraordinary is acceptable. You can take these 5 categories into consideration if you have no idea what to share.
1.Road trip Vlog
2. Interesting stories
3. Beautiful sceneries
4. Driving Events(Road Rage,Accident)

5. 3-5 Interesting & fantastic image

Deadline of submission: Aug 31,2022(PST)
Announcement Date: Aug 4,2022(PST)


1.Who can participate?


People who have Vantrue dashcam. If you don't have but do want to take part in this event, please email to for getting a free Vantrue dash cam before Aug 31,2022 (PST).

2.How to participate?

Please go to "register" at middle of the page and submit.

3.Entries must be shoot by Vantrue?
Yes, it must be shoot by Vantrue.

4.When is the closing date of submitting the entries?
The Closing date of this program is Aug 31,2022(PST) 11:59 PM. 

5.What is the specification of the entries?
It doesn’t have a limit on the specifications.

6.Whether there is a maximum number of entries?
We don’t limit the number of entries you submit.  
7.How to do if you don’t submit the entries successfully?
Please email to if you have any problems when submitting your entries.

8.How we inform the participants of the winning information
We will contact the winners mainly by email. At the same time, we will also announce the award on the official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

9.Do I still own the copyright of the entries

Yes. The copyright of the entries still belongs to the contestants themselves

In addition, please note that participants will be deemed to have agreed to authorize the organizer and its affiliates from the date of submission.

Free use of the entries in the event related promotional materials/activities for use in online media worldwide, Media, print materials, retail stores, road shows, digital content, outdoor media and other channels.

Spring into action now! Don’t miss the deadline of submission. Big prize is on the way to you!

Make sure you have a newer version of Vantrue dash cam.
If you don't have one and are located in these countries (US/CA/AU/UK/DE/JP), feel free to contact our support to get a chance to free test one.

Countryside Road

Contact Vantrue support to get a chance to free test one

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