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The REAL 4K WiFi dash cam,
say No to any pixel interpolation algorithm.

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OnDash X4S

- Dual WIFI Dash Cam -

3" Screen | 4k+1080P | GPS Optional | WIFI APP Controlled | Motion& Collision Parking Mode | Supercapacitor | WDR | Support up to 512GB

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WIFI Connect & APP Controlled

Connect to your dashcam with the Vantrue App to adjust settings, check the view from the front and rear cameras or transfer files to your mobile device.

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Larger Screen

The 3" LCD display screen, allowing you to make camera setting changes or view video footage directly on the unit itself, rather than having to use a USB cable or remotely connect to it through your cellphone.

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Higher Resolution-4k 

The image clarity is 4 times better than that of standard HD cameras. Using the OS08A10 image sensor and 4Glass+3Plastic+IR, the dash cam records crisp videos up to a resolution of Ultra HD 3840x2160P 30FPS with single mode and 4K+1080P 30FPS with dual mode during day and night

vantrue 1080p.jpg

Front 4K and Rear 1080P Recording

The dual dash cam captures road front and rear in crystal details, capturing license plates or signposts clear, provides excellent coverage and ensures you get the very best footage all day and night.