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The REAL 4K WiFi dash cam,
say No to any pixel interpolation algorithm.

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OnDash X4S

- Dual WIFI Dash Cam -

3" Screen | 4k+1080P | GPS Optional | WIFI APP Controlled | Motion& Collision Parking Mode | Supercapacitor | WDR | Support up to 256GB

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WIFI Connect & APP Controlled

Connect to your dashcam with the Vantrue App to adjust settings, check the view from the front and rear cameras or transfer files to your mobile device.

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Larger Screen

The 3" LCD display screen, allowing you to make camera setting changes or view video footage directly on the unit itself, rather than having to use a USB cable or remotely connect to it through your cellphone.

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Higher Resolution-4k 

The image clarity is 4 times better than that of standard HD cameras. Using the OS08A10 image sensor and 4Glass+3Plastic+IR, the dash cam records crisp videos up to a resolution of Ultra HD 3840x2160P 30FPS with single mode and 4K+1080P 30FPS with dual mode during day and night

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Front 4K and Rear 1080P Recording

The dual dash cam captures road front (131°) and Rear (131°) in crystal details, capturing license plates or signposts clear, provides excellent coverage and ensures you get the very best footage all day and night. 

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GPS Recording & Tracking

With the external GPS module, the dash cam will record your route and driving speed in videos. You can track your route when play back videos on your phone or computer

(optional accessory)

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Loop Recording & G-sensor

The loop recording makes the dash cam overwrite the oldest videos when the SD card is full, so the dash cam can achieve continues recording. The built-in G-sensor can help you lock the video automatically when there is a shock.

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Extreme Temp Protection

The X4S dash cam is equipped with a supercapacitor, which is an advanced form of battery that allows the camera to withstand the most frigid cold and intense heat.

Operating normally in extreme weather conditions from 14°F to 158°F


Why choose Vantrue X4S WiFi dual dash cam?


Lower power consumption and more resistance to heat with upgraded Novatek High-Tech Chip.

5G/2.4G High-frequency WIFI module: Faster connection and download speed from your dash cam to your phone.


Front camera, featured with cutting edge OmniVision 8 million ultra-clear photosensitive image processor.

Multi Parking Mode / ETH Ethernet data transmission mode comes with a super anti-interference capability


Rear Camera, holding a powerful SONY STARVIS processor.

Independent DSP processor: Dual DSP design provides for faster rear camera processing.


4K+1080P High Resolution will capture license plates easily even in low light environments.

Larger Screen: 3" IPS display screen provides clearer image display quality.

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Image Sensor


Camera Type


Battery & Charging



Work Temp


Microphone & Speaker

USB Type




X4S OmniVision OS08A10

X4S 5G/2.4G Hz IEEE 802.11

X4S Front+Rear

X4S 3"

X4S Supercapacitor 5F 2.7V

X4S Optional

X4S 8G~256G

X4S 14℉~158℉

X4S ✓

X4S ✓

X4S Type C


4K 2160P @30FPS
1440P@ 60FPS
1080P@ 60FPS

X4S Due

4K+1080P 30FPS

4K+720P 30FPS

1440P+1080P(HDR) 30FPS

1440P+720P(HDR) 30FPS

1080P+1080P(HDR) 30FPS


X4 Sony IMX317

X4 None

X4 Front

X4 3"

X4 Supercapacitor 5F 2.7V

X4 Optional

X4 8G~256G

X4 14℉~158℉

X4 None

X4 ✓

X4 Mini USB


2560x1440P 30FPS

1920x1080P 60FPS

1920x1080P 30FPS

1280x720P 30FPS