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Christmas Day Giveaway | Share Your Memorable Moment

🎄 It’s wonderful to recall the memorable happy moments on a special day, like Christmas Day.

✨ As a dashcam can be your extra eyes for driving events, offering useful footage, it can also be your companion on a road trip, recording beautiful scenes and memorable moments, enabling you to recall the wonderful moment in the future.

💌 Hence Vantrue would like to invite you to post your memory record and tag Vantrue in your account on REDDIT/FB/INS/TWITTER.

📸 It can be short clips or a photo taken by your Vantrue Cam. It can be the road scenes, or it can be the cabin cam that records your memorable moment.

The Gift

1. Share this post and Likes over 200: Vantrue E3 Dash Cam

2. Share this post and Likes over 100: Vantrue E1 Lite Dash Cam

3. Upvotes or likes over 60: Vantrue 256GB Card

4. Upvotes or likes over 40: Vantrue 128GB Card

5. Upvotes or likes over 20: Vantrue GPS mount/ Vantrue Hardwire Kit/ Vantrue OBD Cable/ Vantrue CPL Filter/ Coupons $20(Exclusively, extra from official website coupon)

You can participate in the activity in any way you like:

1. Share a memorable clip from the Vantrue dashcam, it can be:

a. A family day to buy Christmas Decoratives

b. The drive to buy your loved one a gift

c. The drive to have a trip with your family

2. A photo taken by the Vantrue dashcam to record the wonderful moment that you wanna save forever.

3. A Christmas Day photo you like most & a photo you take for your all-the-way safeguard Vantrue dashcam.

Note: You need to share 2 photos, 1 for Vantrue dash cam


  1. Time is limited, first comers first get till all gives out!

  2. You need to tag your post Vantrue so that we can view the post easily and rate which post get the most engagement.

  3. This forum thread giveaway starts Dec 12nd, 2022.

  4. This forum thread giveaway ends Jan 1st, 2023.

  5. Vantrue reserves the right of final say on all of its events.



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Anna Tompson
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anna key
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Lisa Lisa
Aug 03, 2023

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