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What is a dashcam?

Dashcams have become increasingly necessary in today's world, given the high incidence of car accidents and disputes that arise from a lack of direct evidence. These small cameras mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle can capture crucial footage of accidents and other incidents, providing valuable evidence that can help resolve disputes and assign liability. In addition, dashcams can help drivers improve their driving habits and identify areas where they may need to improve their skills or pay closer attention to the road. Overall, the use of dashcams is an important tool for ensuring safety and accountability on the road.

What is a Dashcam?

A dashcam is a small camera that is mounted on a vehicle's dashboard or windshield. It is designed to capture video footage of the road ahead while driving. Dashcams can be powered by the vehicle's battery or through a separate power source, such as a USB port. Some dashcams also come equipped with internal batteries that can provide additional power.

Dashcams can capture video in various resolutions, ranging from standard definition to high definition, and even 4K ultra-high definition. The quality of the video depends on the resolution and frame rate of the camera. Most dashcams record video in a loop, meaning that once the storage capacity is full, new footage overwrites the oldest footage. Dash cams are designed to act as a 'silent witness' in the event of accidents, carefully and accurately recording every detail that takes place on the road.

Who Needs a Dashcam?

Dashcams can be beneficial for any driver, but they may be particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time on the road, such as delivery drivers or long-haul truckers. They can also be helpful for people who live in areas with high rates of insurance fraud or accidents.

Do you really need a dash cam? 

1. If you have confidence in your driving abilities and never get into accidents ever.

- Even if you have a spotless driving record, accidents do happen because not everyone on the road drives well all the time. The dash cam was never meant to be an accident-prevention tool, but rather a recording tool, so you have an objective record of what happened in the event of an accident.

Dash cam footage is well received by insurance companies and law enforcement officials since it clearly shows what happened. Defend yourself against pointless hassle. It is always preferable to be safe and have a dash camera than to have no video proof at all.

2. If you don't drive enough and already have a car alarm.

- Your car may be off the road, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. When you are not with your car, many other kinds of incidents can occur, including thefts, hit-and-runs, vandalism, and scratches and dents. Finding your car scarred or otherwise substantially harmed after leaving it in great condition can be incredibly frustrating.

We all know that although a car alarm system is meant to prevent thieves and intruders, “smash-and-grab” vehicle break-ins nevertheless happen. And we've become so accustomed to automobile alarms that we've forgotten all about them.

Utilize the parking surveillance functions of the dash cam so you aren't left in the dark. Dash cams are made to provide you with the security you require whenever and wherever you are – you can remotely access all data using your smartphone.

3. I'm an Uber or Lyft driver, and all I need is something I can use to record in my vehicle.

- You should have concerns about the integrity of your car, as it may be one of your most important possessions. Would being able to track the location of your vehicle in real-time make you feel more at ease as an Uber/Lyft driver?

The majority of dash cams have Wi-Fi and built-in GPS, so they can capture every detail that occurs on the road while also adding the time, date, speed, and direction of travel. You can defend yourself against exaggerated claims from your clients if you have a cabin cam recording.

How Does a Dashcam Work?

Dashcams work by constantly recording video footage of the road ahead while driving. This video footage is stored on a micro SD card or internal memory. Some dashcams also come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows the footage to be transferred to a smartphone or computer for viewing and sharing.

Many dashcams also come equipped with GPS tracking, which can provide valuable information such as location, speed, and direction. This information can be used to corroborate events or provide additional context in the event of an accident or legal dispute.

Dashcams can also be equipped with additional features such as motion detection, night vision, and parking mode. Motion detection allows the dashcam to start recording when it detects movement, even when the vehicle is parked. Night vision allows the dashcam to capture clear video footage in low-light conditions. Parking mode allows the dashcam to continue recording even when the vehicle is turned off, providing added security and peace of mind.

Types of Dashcams

There are several types of dashcams available on the market, including single-lens, dual-lens, and rearview mirror dashcams. Single-lens dashcams have one camera lens that faces forward and captures footage of the road ahead. Dual-lens dashcams have two camera lenses, one facing forward and one facing backward, and they capture footage of the road ahead and behind. Rearview mirror dashcams are designed to replace your car's rearview mirror and have a camera lens that faces forward.

Benefits of Using a Dashcam

There are many benefits to using a dashcam. One of the main benefits is that it can help you prove fault in the event of an accident. The footage captured by the dashcam can provide evidence of what happened in the moments leading up to the accident, which can help you prove your innocence if you were not at fault. Dashcams can also help prevent fraud, such as staged accidents or false insurance claims.

Legal Considerations

There are some legal considerations to keep in mind when using a dashcam. In some states or countries, it may be illegal to record audio without the consent of all parties involved. Additionally, if you plan to share the footage from your dashcam on social media or with others, you may need to obtain consent from the people captured in the footage.

How to Choose a Dashcam

When choosing a dashcam, there are several factors to consider, including video quality, storage capacity, and ease of use. It's important to choose a dashcam that is easy to install and use, with clear instructions and user-friendly controls. Additionally, you should look for a dashcam that has a wide-angle lens, good low-light performance, and a large memory card capacity.

What is Vantrue Dashcam?

E Series

The Vanture Element series is available in four models: E1 Lite, E1, E2, and E3. Here's what iF Design rated E series:

All share the same design philosophy – simple, but not simplistic. The Element series features smart voice control, so the user can easily take photos, save a significant video clip, or turn on/off audio recording without taking their hands off the wheel. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you set up the dashcam, check and download videos, and even clip a wonderful moment to share on social media through the Vantrue Cam app.

E1 Lite - Vantrue's tiny but fully functional front dashcam with a budget-friendly price. It comes with a 1080P definition, voice control, app control, and 24-hour parking mode.

E1- Vantrue's nicely designed and fairly compact dash cam with 2.5K video recording – or Full HD at double the frame rate – plus integrated GPS, Wi-Fi, and a wide, 160-degree lens. It also benefits from decent smartphone and computer applications, a magnetic quick-release windscreen mount, and an included remote control.

E2- A dual front and rear dash cam with a 2.5K resolution in an easy-to-use model. With excellent night vision and all the amazing E-series features, this camera is the choice for driving professionals.

E3- Vantrue's premium 3-channel WiFi-connected cam comes with 1944P+1080P+1080P high resolution and excellent night vision. 

X4S- The Vantrue X4S Duo is a very full-featured camera and is perfect for anyone wanting 4K quality out of a Super Capacitor camera.

In conclusion, a dashcam is a valuable tool that can provide many benefits for drivers, including increased safety and protection against fraud. By understanding the different types of dashcams available, the legal considerations involved, and how to choose the right dashcam for your needs, you can make an informed decision about whether a dashcam is right for you.

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