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Vantrue E Series Dashcams Available Now

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The Vanture Element series is available in four models: E1 Lite, E1, E2 and E3.

On July 2022, we released the E1, which was one of the most popular smart voice-controlled dash cam. Then we developed E1 Lite simplified but powerful mini dash cam, and E2 dual dash cam for satisfying dual-channel recording. Afterward, we launched E3 to realize the smart remote-controlled & App-enabled 3-channel dashcam.

You may get confused about the name and size of these dashcams. No worries, the following information will help you to know the detailed specifications of each dashcam and which one to choose.

All E series achieved smart controlled video recording, including built-in Wi-Fi with Vantrue brand-new app, 4 parking mode solutions, GPS logger, CPL(Optional), up to 512GB microSD card, super capacitor, and compact stylish design. E series is the top series of Vanture dashcams and contains some advanced functions, such as remote control, super night vision and app-enabled.

The Specs Comparison in Brief

Firstly, please see how iF Design rated E series:

The Element series is part of VANTRUE's new line of smart dashcams. All share the same design philosophy – simple but not simplistic. The Element series features smart voice control so the user can easily take photos, save an important video clip, or turn on/off audio recording without taking their hands off the wheel. The built-in WiFi lets you set up the dashcam, check and download videos, and even clip a wonderful moment to share on social media through the Vantrue Cam app.

So what's the E Series Feature on?

WiFi Connect & APP Control

The built-in Wi-Fi capability connects your smartphone to the Vantrue Element Series dashcam. Connect your smartphone to the dash cam via Wi-Fi and you can download all recordings directly to your phone from the Vantrue Cam app. Vantrue has got the E1&E1 Lite built-in 2.4G Hz WiFi Module and E2&E3 2.4G & 5G Hz WiFi Module.

The Wi-Fi Direct makes downloading and sharing your recordings easy. It allows you to send footage from the Vantrue Element Series Dash Cam directly to your phone without removing the SD card or using a laptop. Video recordings can be easily accessed from mobile phones and can be easily shared on all major SNS platforms. It is also especially critical in the event of a car accident for avoid scams or disputes.

4 Modes Parking Mode, All-around Safeguard

Vantrue offers an advanced inbuilt 24 hours triggered parking mode in its E series, including Collision Detection/Motion Detection/Low Bitrate Recording/Low Framerate Mode, which means around-the-clock protection and surveillance for the vehicle.

This “Smart” Parking Mode in the dash cam ensures immediate recording whenever its G-sensor detects any motion while your vehicle is parked and the engine is off. For the five-second pre-recording function, automatically retrieves the previous footage of 5s, which clearly and completely shot the entire event.

Parking mode eliminates the need to leave the camera continuously On when you park your car, which helps to minimize unnecessary recording time and save energy.

GPS Logger

Vantrue Element dash cams are equipped with a built-in 1Hz GPS+BEI DOU 3 dual system module, with which the camera will record your driving route and speed more accurately. You can track your route when playing back videos on your phone or computer with Vantrue Cam App or Vantrue player.

Super Night Vision

E2 and E3 are equipped with a premium Sony Starvis IMX335 5M image sensor to record the brightest and clearest images even in low-light environments. Plus the unique Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology which automatically balances exposure and light/dark spots, captures much more detail in ultra-low light during nighttime and even on the dark road.

Powered by the advanced algorithm system, E2 and E3 come with an intelligent nighttime vision by automatically analyzing the surrounding conditions and adjusting the recording brightness as needed, to capture more details and give superior night-time visibility.

Vantrue E2 Night Sample Video 1 (Rear 1944P), 2.5K WiFi Dual Dash Cam (shared by customer)

Vantrue E2 Night Sample Video 2 (Front 1944P), 2.5K WiFi Dual Dash Cam (shared by customer)

Remote Control

The E series (E1 Lite Excluded) camera is equipped with a remote control, which can be used to quickly control the camera to snapshots, take event video, set recording on/off and perform other functions. The wireless remote controller has two buttons on the panel, one is to turn on/off voice recording, and the other is to take a photo and lock the current video. It allows you to control the cams easier and safer by mounting the controller to the dashboard near your hand.

CPL Filter

CPL filter reduces reflections and glare from glass, metal, or shiny surfaces, which can enhance the image quality of footage details, like license plates and vehicle models. Eliminate these issues caused by moments of extreme brightness by quickly installing Vantrue’s Circular Polarizing (CPL) Filter. Then you can reduce glare and increase the quality of E-dash cam footage.

How to Install the Vantrue CPL Filter?

Check out our comparison footage below, showing the same scene with and without the filter on the dashboard.

Powerful Magnetic Mount & Easy Stick Installation

The E series is attached to the windshield by a 3M adhesive mount and uses a magnetic-assist mount with a 5PIN insert connector, making the camera more stable on the windshield and serving as a secure but convenient way to attach and detach the dash cam. You can easily remove the front dash cam whenever you want without having to remove the entire mount. Besides, the 5PIN insert connector allows large current transit, stable power supply, and signal transmission.

How to Install the Vantrue E1 to Windshield (Comes with an Electrostatic Sticker)?

Fireproof Material, Reliable Assistant

As a dashcam is an automotive necessity for recording significant footage, its fire resistance is of extreme importance.

Currently, most of the dash cams are made of ABS non-flame-proof material, which is not resistant to high temperatures and is easy to deform.

While the E series takes the advantage of the material UL 94-V0, which is aviation aluminum with anti-UV and 106-degree resistant performance.

It turns out that the E series dash cam will not spontaneously combust, and won't be the accelerant to let the dash cam is on fire when something unexpected happens.

Vantrue E1's Shell Fireproof Test

Scratch-resistant Screen

The 1.54-inch E1 Lite & E1and 2.45-inch E2 & E3 display screen, ultra-high transmittance glass frame adopts a 2.5D design with anti-drop and anti-scratch design. The 7H toughened glass screen protects the cams from scratches.

Design Philosophy

The E series aims to research and develop dash cam in a simple but not simplistic way, making the dash cam operate and record more smartly and reliably.

Click Here to get more details of the E series design philosophy:

For More Reference-specific Model Introduction Video

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Vantrue Element 2 (E2) Smart Voice Controlled Front & Rear WiFi Dashcam

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