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Dash Cam Troubleshooting

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Dashcam troubleshooting big collection here, if you have more solutions, share with us! ;)

When the screen pops up with “card error, please format SD card”

If you encounter this problem, please try to format the sd card. If the problem still exists, please try to change an sd card. We recommend using the Vantrue SD card or Samsung SD card.

GPS signal isn’t displayed on dashcam.

1.Please check if you install a GPS mount and power the cam via GPS mount.

2. See if the GPS and speed Stamps are on.

3.If the problem still exists after check the and mount and stamps, please contact our support

The speed still displays 0 mph while driving the car out of the garage for about 3 minutes.

Depending on the vehicle and the location of the Vantrue dash cam, the GPS signal can be blocked due to strong radio interference of other electronic devices in the car, the cloudy/rainy weather or mountains, tunnels, tall buildings on both sides of road, etc.

When you start driving, it will take some time to ready. someone will take more than 5 mins.

If the speed isn’t displayed all the way, please check if the GPS is turned on, and contact our support.

Video can’t play on the computer (This is for Vantrue N4)

Vantrue N4’s video recording using the H.265 codec, if your computer isn’t supported the H.265, you can download KM player on your PC. The suction cup mount keeps falling off.

You can try to put some water around the rubber mount and re-stick it

Video playback is fast, not at normal speed.

Please check if you turn on the time-lapse mode, if it is turn on, please set it off.

50Hz or 60HZ.

The frequency setting is only related to the local power supply to stop flicker in the video caused by incandescent lights, LED lights will show flicker but won't upset the video.

It depends on the grid frequency.

North and South America's frequency is 60Hz.

Europe and Asia are 50Hz.

The parking mode is not working.

Please check if you turn on the timelapse, if you turn on it at the same time, the parking mode will not work.

Dashcam can’t enter the menu.

1.Please check if the dashcam is recording, if it is recording, please press the OK button to stop the recording. Pressing the “M” button and you can enter the menu.

2.Reset the dashcam or update the dashcam to the latest version if step 1 isn’t working.

3. If the problem is still the same, please contact Vantrue Support

How to check parking mode is working or not!

Turn on the dashcam and parking mode. When the Parking Mode has been turned on, and no movement is detected in front of the camera after 5 minutes of recording, then Parking Mode is activated, the cam will auto stop recording.

and when you shake your hand in front of the camera, it will auto recording.

This is how the parking mode is working. However, if the cam will not stop recording after 5-7 minutes of recording, that means the parking mode isn't working.

How long does the capacitor last? It turns off immediately when unplugged from the socket. The capacitor Does turn off immediately when you unplug it because it doesn't have direct power once the vehicle is turned off if you want direct power you have to purchase a hardwire kit to keep continuous power in your camera.

Press and hold the emergency button for 3 minutes, but the dashcam isn't entering the parking mode.

Please check if you set the parking mode on. Just go to record setup> parking mode and check if it is on or off. if it is off, set it to on.

IR LED lights aren't on ( for N4/N2S, N2 PRO) When IR LED light is on, we can't see by our eyes, but we can see if the cabin view recording is colorful or just black and white. If the cabin view is black and white, means the lights are on.

Dash cam freezes and stops working.

1. Please check the micro SD card. Take it out and see if the dashcam will still freeze. It works when take out the SD card, please try to change to a new sd card. 2. If the SD card is good, please try to update the dashcam to the latest version.

3. Reset the dashcam.

The rear cam view isn't displayed on the screen. (For N4& S1) 1. Please check if the rear cam cable is connected tightly.

2. Update the dash cam to the latest version. 3. If the problem still exists, please contact

SD card is empty, but the cam says card full?

Okay, what can go wrong:

You buy a fake card that has only a fraction of the advertised capacity - this does happen, but if that card has held close to its claimed capacity in real data before then that is not the problem.

Or you format using a format that either the cam or the computer doesn't have support for. At least FAT32 should work, though, for just about any combination - not the best format, but the most widely spread one, due to its age. Again, if you had it working before that can't be it.

And finally, the card has reached the end of its life. Like anything made with flash memory, SD cards have a limited number of write cycles - older cards having a lot less than a recent products.

Suggestion: Get a new card and try things out with that. If you have one running in some other device you can try things with that before you buy. By the same argument, try that old card with other equipment - but I doubt that it will work. Windows saying "You need to format it - but I can't format it" is pretty telltale.

Loop recording isn’t working:

1. Enter the setting, look at whether the loop recording is off. If it is off, please set it on.

2. Check whether the SD card is original. N4 requires the SD card’s speed to be U3, C10. The low speed or fake card may result in the dash cam isn’t loop recording.

3. Check whether the lock recording function is on. The machine can’t loop recording due to the larger lock recording file.

4. Check whether there are many locked videos. Because a large number of the locked videos will result that the camera can’t loop recording. Please delete these files.

5. Please format the SD on the dashcam.

Why is the space in a 32GB SD card only 29GB?

the SD card manufacturer uses the 1000 base to convert, while Windows uses the 1024 base to convert. SD card: 1GB=1000MB, 1MB=1000KB, 1KB=1000B, Windows%3a1GB=1024MB, 1MB=1024KB, 1KB=1024 bytes. (Note: The relationship between byte and B is the same, but it is called byte in Windows, not B.)

Dash cam can’t turn on after updated the dash cam

This is because we fail to update the dashcam, thus, we can re update (force update) it.

Please check all your steps are correct.

How to update the dashcam:

N2 Pro/S1/N1 PRO:




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