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Firmware Update for Vantrue N4, Also Available for Other Vantrue Dash Cam

Steps for how to update the Vantrue N4 Dash Cam, but also same as other Vantrue dash cams. Hope it helps.

Please follow the steps below to upgrade your device:

1. Format the sd card on dash cam. (If you can’t format the sd card on the camera, you can try to format it on computer)

2. Download the firmware to your PC;

3. Connect the camera to the computer through the USB port on the camera. Select “USB Connecting” on dash cam. Copy the firmware file (Vantrue-N4.bin) from the computer to the microSD card, then unplug the camera from the computer and turn it off;

Note : the firmware file (Vantrue-N4.bin) could not be recognized by the computer, it could just be recognized by the dash cam, so don’t try to open it on PC or try to rename it, just copy it to the card.

4. Plug the dash cam into a power charger, or just power the camera via the mount instead if you get the power from the computer.

5. Then the camera will auto-upgrade, and it will take about 30 secs to 1 min, during this time, the camera will not turn on and will not respond to any button or operation;

6. Once the dash cam is upgraded successfully, it will turn on and work.

7. Please have a check the version of your device now (go to the System Setup menu and turn to the Version) and see if it is VTN41E.V12.6 (Our latest firmware is V12.6, but will vary when we have a new version, so please check the firmware you download if it is the latest). If it is, then the camera has been upgraded successfully.

8. Format the microSD card when the update has been completed.

 Any questions, please contact us at

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