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Highway Star – Best Dash Cams

Top 8 Best Dash Cams

By Matthew Guy | Last updated: October 21, 2020

They’ve created more YouTube footage than Supercar Blondie and are responsible for finally bringing justice to that jerk who hit your parked car. Dash cams are one example of how recording technology can be placed right in the hands – and on the windshields – of anyone with a few dollars in their pocket.

We’ll leave all mention of the uncomfortable reality that most people are being filmed wherever they go these days and the relative lack of privacy once one leaves their home. Unless, of course, you lot want to debate this issue in the comments. Then, in the prophetic words of Robin Pemberton at a NASCAR pre-season meeting in 2010, have at it (within the limits of our esteemed moderators, of course). 1. Editor's Choice: Vantrue T3 Dash Cam with Radar Detection Parking Mode In keeping with the TTAC spirit of recommending items we have actually tried instead of simply fawning over sponsored products, this dash cam from a company called Vantrue currently resides on the dashboard of your author’s recently purchased 2018 Challenger R/T Shaker with a manual transmission. Easy to set up and use, the Vantrue T3 has a built-in G sensor to start recording if someone bumps your car in the dead of night (or middle of the day, for that matter). Power for the unit can be harvested from a 12V socket or the OBD port with the latter being easier on your car battery if you keep the cam on overnight. Wide angle footage is easy to access and save to another drive. Pros/Excellent quality, clear video, easy to use Cons/Tinfoil hats will balk at an OBD connection Bottom Line/Highly recommended View all:


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