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An extra "eye" will give you some peace of mind while driving! BY BRANDON CARTE

UPDATED: DEC 3, 2019 Often a source of YouTube entertainment, dash cams continue to gain popularity among drivers for a few key reasons. Opportunities to become an online sensation aside, dash cam footage is frequently being used by insurance companies to determine who's at fault in the case of a collision. One potential hiccup: Some states have windshield obstacle laws, which prohibit "any object or material placed, displayed, installed, affixed, or applied upon the windshield." This means you may not be allowed to mount a dash cam on your windshield. Be sure to check your local laws before purchasing one.

But having a dash cam can give you the confidence of knowing that the facts will speak for themselves, rather than having your case evaluated based on witness testimony and police reports. We researched dozens of dash cams to find the top picks that offer the best combination of reliability, image quality, and ease of use, so you'll feel safer on the road. We've included picks for every need and budget, from barebones models that just record video, to more feature-filled options that pack features like 4K video, night vision, and voice controls. Learn more about our top picks below.

If you're in search of a dash cam with dual lenses for recording both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, we recommend the Vantrue N2 Pro. It's the perfect solution for Uber, Lyft, or cab drivers who want some peace of mind that they'll have evidence in the event that a passenger misbehaves. A camera also has the potential to deter passengers from saying or doing something lewd or offensive, and it has a time stamp for evidence purposes. If you don’t feel comfortable recording audio, you can disable its interior microphone if you want. View all:


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