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Best Dash Cam of 2020

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

After some careful research, we bought six of the best dash cams of 2020 and took them on the road for more than 500 miles of driving. After reviewing the footage, installing and uninstalling each model in multiple different cars, and tinkering with every available setting and feature, we've found the best cam for every purpose. Whether you want evidence to ensure a minor driving incident doesn't turn into an extended legal battle, are a rideshare driver that needs to record both the outside and inside of your car, or want an easy way to capture the magic of your sunset cruises, we will help you find the perfect dashboard companion.

Best For Rideshare Drivers

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual

The Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual offers almost every feature you could want from a dash cam and consequently is one of the best cameras available today. The front-facing camera can record in crystal-clear 2.5k resolution with a wide (but not distorted) 170˚ field of view. The secondary cabin-facing camera records in 1080p HD with a 140˚ field of view. This second camera makes the N2 Pro Uber Dual an excellent option for rideshare drivers that will need photographic evidence in the event some passengers get rowdy or do damage to their car. The camera also has a microphone so that any verbal interactions will be captured. On top of this great video quality and nearly 310˚ of coverage, the N2's rear-facing camera has infrared sensors that enable it to capture usable images even in complete darkness.

A definite downside to the N2 is its price. It is almost twice the price of some other single-camera models that can also produce impressively clear footage. That extra cost is only really worth it if you need the second cab-facing camera. The unit itself is also a bit on the bulky side, but we honestly prefer having one larger unit over other dual-camera models that have separate units connected by a mess of wires. Finally, this model lacks wireless video sharing, so you must plug in the camera (or the microSD card) to a computer to download its video. Overall, this is the best camera we've found for rideshare drivers or anyone that wants a cab-facing camera with high-quality video capture.

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