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  • Tony

Vantrue N2S- Effective Dual Channel Dashcam

This dashcam works with the OBD to USB C connector which can be purchased separately. Or else you can get the hardwire kit to splice it into your fuse box. With either of these, it is possible to use parking mode. I highly suggest this setup as you can practically hide all the wires.

The parking mode is pretty much this: The camera will turn on automatically to capture a few seconds of video when your car is off. This can be triggered by a collision detection, motion sensor, or a combination of both. I found that sometimes the rain on the windshield will trigger the motion sensor. I set it to only collision detection. The act of opening my car door was enough to trigger this, which I think is a good thing in case someone breaks into your car and decides to not take the dashcam.

The G Sensor could be a little sensitive. Set to the lowest sensitivity (1 out of 5), a very small bump in the road will still trigger it. On a 15 minute drive to the store, it triggered once. However, I took a longer drive later on and it did not trigger at all, so I'm not sure how it works.

The night vision for the cabin camera is great. It shifts seamlessly, and everything is pretty clear and detailed, although it is in black and white. If someone broke into your car, you would definitely be able to see their face.

I have the front camera at 1440p and the cabin camera at 1080p 30fps. You can configure them to be anywhere from 1440 to 720p. If you only configure to use the front camera, you can also have it set to 4K. The front and cabin videos are saved as 2 separate videos, and not PiP view. 15 minutes worth of driving in addition to a whole night worth of parking mode videos (I live on a busy street) took up 20GB on the card. I'm not sure if this matters much, as the data rewrites over itself.

This comes with a GPS mount, which will send GPS details (speed, location) over to the main unit. In the software you can choose to disable this if you want. You can also choose to power the unit by directly plugging the USB C cable into either the dashcam itself, or just the mount.

Attached is a video from the front facing camera. I would also attach the video from the cabin camera, but Amazon only lets me upload 1 video per review. Instead, I took a screenshot. Also attached are pictures of how the cable could be routed cleanly to eliminate the clutter, and what the camera looks like from the outside. Overall, I think this is a great product, especially for the price.

Some things I would like to see in the future:

- Motion Sensor that is not affected by rain

- Better tuning for the G Sensor

- Better swivel flexibility for the GPS mount. It's definitely sufficient to capture the front of the car. However, if a LEO pulls you over, I would love to be able to turn the dashcam to face the side window. Unfortunately the mount can't do that.


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