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Vantrue N2S Review


I have tested a huge range of dashcams here in Ireland the most from any tech site anyway and this is the first time to test out the brand VANTRUE and today we have the N2S dual dashcam which is ideal for any driver and particularly those who carry passengers ie taxi men etc. But yes anyone can use this dashcam and everyone should have a dashcam.

First thing here to note is you will need to buy an SD card and do not cheap out here either you will need a class 10 card up to 256GB, the more storage the better due to the options on this cam the higher the setting the better the quality the more space it takes up however it does not overwrite protected files your normal recorded files are like any other dashcam but it is better to be safe than sorry buying cheap SD cards go and buy a good branded one rather than something cheap of Amazon.

The dashcam has plenty of features but no app which is shame but still it works really well and simple to use we go through all this on the video review anyway so you will be able to navigate through it. So we have two cameras in operation here that can be set to a resolution your prefer.

In Dual Recording mode:1440P+1080P(30FPS); 1080P+1080P

(30FPS): 1080P+720P(30FPS); 720P+1080P(30FPS); 720P+720P(30FPS); IN SINGLE FRONT CAM RECORDING mode, 2592x1520P(30FPS);

2560x1440P(30FPS); 1920x1080P(30FPS); 1280x720P(30FPS)

Other features included are loop recording, time lapse, parked recording inside and out with sensors, heat and cold resistance, wide angle, GPS player which you will need to download.

Set up is easy we go through this in the video review, you have some buttons up top for navigation and an emergency key to record on the back so once hit file is recorded and protected. You can adjust both the inside camera to your needs so it is not a fixed camera like the front but there is a ball and socket joint to get the angle you prefer this will work in any vehicle.

Once it is set up that is it job done just leave it there and let it do its job.

Overall this is a great dashcam coming in much cheaper than its rivals minus the app it is not a touch screen either but the controls work well and it is easy to use and the menu structure is not exhausted either by sub menus galore...

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