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User Guide for Vantrue GPS Player

This is a guide for how to use the Vantrue GPS player. The GPS player can be downloaded on the website After the player is installed, then we can use it. Someone may happen to the APP is rejected by the security system and said the APP is not supported.

Don’t worry, just verify it on our computer and this problem will be fixed. Click here and get the solution. 1. After all things are ready, open the player and let's start adding the videos to the player. This is the user interface of the player, and in the lower right corner, there is an icon that we use a red circle to note it. Click it and we can add videos.

2. After the videos are added, click one and it will play on the computer. The play mode we set to 3 channel mode. If we set 3 channel mode, video A, video B and video C will all play on one page. In the upper right corner, there is a map to show the track of the car driving. The GPS info will not show if you don't install the GPS mount.

Except we can set the play mode in the setting, we can also change the setting by clicking the "play mode switch" button. We have "Single", "Dual", "3 Channel" to choose from.

3. If you want to play the next video or last video on the playlist. Click the "Pg Up" or "Pg Down" button.

4. This player also supports zooming in the video or watching the video frame by frame.

5. You may wonder what this wave stands for. Well, this is the G- forcer date. According to the wave, it can be seen that we are driving on a flat road, or we are driving on a rough road.

6. Next we are introducing the icon that can adjust the brightness and color. There is a picture about before adjusting it and after adjusting it.

If you think the screen is too small, Chick this icon to get a full screen.

A full screen is like this:

Well, this is all about the GPS player, if there is any question, feel free to contact us.

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