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SOLVED: Vantrue Dash Cam Player Can't Be Opened Because the Developer Cannot be verified by MacOS

You may happen to have this problem while downloading the Vantrue GPS player on To solve it, we gonna walk you through the process of how to allow apps from unidentified developers as well as how to allow apps from anywhere and so this basically happens when you're downloading or installing a program, and you get a notification that has been blocked.

So what you need to do is in order to allow it through just click on the Apple icon up here in the top left corner click on system preferences.

And then on this menu look for where it says security and privacy and click on it to make sure you have the general tab selected.

And then if you look down here towards the bottom. If an application is being blocked, it should be listed here

you'll notice there's an allow button and currently it's grayed out. So to give us the option to allow it, we just click on the padlock that you'll need to type in your computer password.

Then click on unlock. And now we have the option to click allow. If you click allow at that point will then allow the application you're trying to install now.

That's one way of doing it, however, you may not want to go through this process every single time. And there are some rare occasions where some applications will get blocked and not show up here to allow them through.

so an alternative option we can do is we're going to go ahead and close this. and then we're going to come up to our little search option up here in the top right corner,and click on it and we're going to type in “terminal”.

And then once you have the “terminal” typed in it should just be the top option. Just go ahead and click on it to open it now this window right here is the terminal window and what we need to do is type in a line here is sudo spctl --master-disable.

And then once you have that typed in exactly that way, just press ENTER and it's going to say password now, the password it wants is your Mac computer password the password.

so you're just gonna have to type it and then press ENTER and then if you got it correct it should look something like this or it just shows the name or user name. And so at this point what you want to do is just go ahead and close everything that you have open and go ahead and restart your computer. and you can do that just by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left and then go down to restart after you have restarted

Just come back here to the top left and click on the Apple icon and go back down to System Preferences and then head back over to security and privacy and click on it again. Make sure you have the general tab selected and you'll notice that we now have an anywhere selected option by default. If at any point you want to change it. Just click on this padlock, it will allow you to then change it to whichever option you want after you type in your password and that will allow you to download install applications from anywhere that you want.

That's everything for solving the problem when downloading the software. If you have any questions when using Vantrue Dash Cam, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to solve it for you.


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1 Comment

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